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Coachella 2019

Festival looks is a category of fashion unlike any others. It lets people dress as if they are in their dream world, making room for fabulous patterns, textures, and accessories. Coachella is one festival with a wide range of music and even wider range of outfits. We are LOVING weekend one of Coachella 2019. This year’s festival of all festivals gave us some of our favorite Coachella looks to date. We saw people push their fashion limits like never before.

One of our favorite things we saw this year was squad goals. Squads with matching, coordinated outfits that look fierce are very hard to top. Next year, grab your festival squad and start putting together some group looks to boogie in.

We loved the updated flower crowns that were spotted all weekend. In this case, the bigger the better. These accessories take it all the way back to the first Coachella, while keeping up with the  modern looks. Crowns with jewels, butterflies, glitter, and much more added to so many looks.

Coachella is a dessert, so the girls that faced the heat in a pair of pants had to make sure the pants were worth it. Amazing and unique pants can complete an outfit unlike any skirt or pair of shorts. Every animal print, mesh, fringe, and velvet pair of pants was much appreciated.

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