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Day to night in 5 easy steps

A simple shirt dress lends itself so well to day to night looks. Post your outfit ideas on the Which Looks Better? app and see the most popular look combinations.

1. Shiny flat shoes

Add some sparkle to your flats - practical and fun

2. Clutch purse

Ditching the large carryall for a fun clutch ensures you're as light and breezy as your attitude.

3. Lipstick

Add a pop of bright pink or coral lipstick when the sun starts to set. It's an easy way to stand out and look polished without having to refresh your whole face.

4. High ponytail

The higher the better! It doesn't have to look perfect - in fact a little disheveled says I put in some effort but I'm not high maintenance.

5. Fun jewelry

Keep it simple but interesting. Think transitional like a cuff or medium sized hoops.

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