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How to Wear Bold Prints and Colors

2019 Fashion is getting louder and bigger than the previous years. eye-catching prints, massive patterns, and funky textures are just a few aspects that are being incorporated in outfits right now. Sometimes going out in these looks can be intimidating, but here are some tips to help you try something new and feel confident.

1. Pair your piece with a single color

Pairing an item outside of your comfort zone with a mono-color can make the outfit less scary. This is most easily done through an all white or black outfit, and then adding your bold piece on top, either a jacket, belt, pair of shoes, or even a hair accessory.

     2. Tone down the accessories

Less is more when wearing bold prints. Ditch the huge earrings and necklaces and opt

for either none or something simple. Sometimes accessories with a loud piece can take

you from cute to coo-coo.

     3. Mind the Color Wheel

The color wheel is a very important helper to those who are mixing colors and prints for

the first time. Keep in mind that colors across from each other are okay to wear together,

but those next to each other should not be.📷📷📷

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