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Something to Smile About

We know this school year is not what we hoped it to be, but we still see plenty of reasons to smile as fall approaches...

Embracing sweater weather.

We're all looking forward to a season of cozy knits, oversized sweaters and layers. And let's be honest, I'll take any additional cover ups to hide the fact that I'm noshing on a bit more junk food lately.

Crisp autumn air.

If your fall schooling will mostly be at home, try to get in some time outdoors. Maybe you can set up a desk outside for some time. Go for a walk at the end of the day and remind yourself to look around at the changing leaves. It's better for your eyes than the screen!

Changing with the seasons.

Personally, I'm going to make a big effort to find my best self this autumn. I'm going to use the change in seasons as a chance to change my mindset. Sure I'll still have low and challenging moments, but I'm going to choose to be optimistic this fall. To everything there is a season..... This is a time of change. Let's embrace it.

What are you hoping for with this change of season? What's making you smile lately?

Let's see your smile and your fall fashion on the the Which Looks Better? app. Download and start posting your styles. Let's build a community and build each other up!

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