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Woodstock 50 Fashion

After the release of the amazing Woodstock 50 year reunion lineup, which is taking place in the original location by the original owner, festival goers are in a frenzy trying to pick perfect outfits. This will be one of the most instagrammed events, maybe more so than coachella, so a steller outfit is essential. Here are our predicted trends for Woodstock 50:

Fringe. There will be fringe on fringe on fringe. Highly inspired by the original Woodstock, where suede fringe jackets and pants were an iconic piece, 2019 festival goers will be wearing this as well.

Oversized hats. Massive hats in all colors channel an inner boho, hippie vibe in everyone. We couldn’t imagine a better accessory for this festival. You can find one of these hats in almost every color and texture to be paired with any outfit.

Bold pieces of jewelry. Large necklaces, layers of bracelets, and colorful earrings are another prediction of fashion pieces that will spotted throughout the festival grounds. Gypsy style jewelry layered on top of fabulous outfits screams Woodstock 50.

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Hannah Homerick
Hannah Homerick
20 giu 2023

If anyone knows where to find these outfits or very similar outfit, please comment down below!!

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