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From Fast Fashion to Fast Trash

Is the business of fast fashion over?

Has the pandemic highlighted just how much we need to re-think our clothes buying? Without having the desire to wear anything trendy just to sit at home for the past months, I've come to gravitate to the more classic wardrobe items in my closet. I'm beginning to think it may make more sense to invest wisely in some staple pieces that can survive trends and last for years (or at least more than one season). I've also become acutely aware that humans need to treat our planet and each other with a bit more respect. I've always recycled, shopped with reusable bags and tried to reduce consumption of paper goods. But truthfully I never really thought about clothes shopping and the environment. Of course I donate my clothes after I'm through with them, but the nature of fast fashion is that it is made cheaply and to be worn for a mere season before being tossed aside.

Could fast fashion be bad for your health?

I think we all can agree that items purchased on the cheap from Zara, H&M and the likes usually feel cheap. I never thought too much about how dangerous they could be for your health. Cheap items mean dangerous toxic chemicals synthetic dyes in your clothing like benzothiazole that may cause cancer. Can you also imagine what all those chemicals are doing to the workers that are manufacturing the clothes?

My friend recently told me about Nuuly - a subscription clothing rental company. I was a huge proponent of Rent the Runway a few years ago when I was going to multiple weddings and events throughout the year. Maybe I'll give a rental clothing company a try. Regardless I'm going to try to think about my fashion choices as much as I do my other earth-friendly options.

So, maybe instead of buying 10 $10 items at H&M, buy 1 or 2 higher quality items made of natural fabrics that will have a longer lifespan. I'll bet they also look better on you :) Post your classic looks on the Which Looks Better? app (Android) with the tag #qualityoverquantity

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